Sophia Amoruso #GirlBoss

      Some time after launching the store on eBay, I realized how important photo previews are. This is a real real estate business in e-commerce — they hook buyers and provide important information. They cannot be overloaded with details or too blurry. They have to show the thing to get the customer interested in quickly scrolling through the pages. I saw that an object with a precise outline and a clear shape was going for a higher price than the one whose photo was darkened.

     To this day, I will defocus my eyes when I edit a photo. I load them all onto Bridge, scale them down as much as possible, then squint my eyes to my nose and mark the pictures that caught my attention even in this state. This allows me to quickly edit and not get distracted by details: if the composition or silhouette is bad, it doesn’t matter what the model’s face says. The DNA of a good image and brand must be visible in its smallest form; she is required to reveal the same story as the larger version. My little previews were postage stamps for the success of the Nasty Gal.

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